Make it Mediterranean

We’re not here to talk about the Mediterranean Diet, this post is to share with you easy Mediterranean dishes along with suggested wine pairings. Remember, “What Grows Together Goes Together”! This colorful dish is one of our favorites, so easy to make and very impressive! Cut an avocado in half and remove the pit. FillContinue reading “Make it Mediterranean”

The Wine Judge Chronicles: China 2012

What is the life of a wine judge? It is not all picnics, butterflies and fabulous wines, honestly, it is a lot of work. Can you imagine judging 50-150 wines per day? Your tongue becomes a Brillo pad and your teeth take on a very unflattering shade of grey. So why become a professional wineContinue reading “The Wine Judge Chronicles: China 2012”

Adventures in Argentina

Following the last post about Chile, our group hopped on the plane to cross over the Andes and arrive in Mendoza, the most well-known wine region in Argentina. Our adventures started the minute we stepped off the plane because one person in our group left his reading glasses on the plane. As I watched inContinue reading “Adventures in Argentina”

Cheers to Chile!

A little while ago, I took a group of students to explore the vineyards of Chile and Argentina. We had quite the adventure! The entry fee into Chile was $131.00 Why not a straight $130? For some odd reason, they didn’t have change for a ten at customs, so here we go! On the wayContinue reading “Cheers to Chile!”

From Boring to Beloved: Chardonnay

On the vine, the Chardonnay grape is incredibly boring. You can have a better conversation with a brick wall than that grape. But we like it. Why? It is a vehicle for “terroir”. So versatile, this innocent grape expresses the vineyard, rain, sun, the winemaker and so much more. From buttery and oaky to freshContinue reading “From Boring to Beloved: Chardonnay”

The Truth about Tannins

You may have heard about tannins in wine. What are they, where do they come from and what purpose do they serve? Tannins are a phenolic compound found in the skins of a grape that actually ripen over the course of time. Ok, did your eyes just glaze over and you found yourself back inContinue reading “The Truth about Tannins”

What would Elvis do in a Restaurant?

Ordering wine in a restaurant can be enjoyable or slightly frightening. Here are a few tips to help you out for your next dining experience. Why Elvis in the title? Read on to find out why. What to do when confronted with an enormous wine list of unpronounceable words and locations? Is it a variety,Continue reading “What would Elvis do in a Restaurant?”

Wine vs. French Grammar

As they say “no good story started with a salad”. Nor did mine, it started with 18th century French Grammar. During my junior year at the University of Puget Sound, I studied abroad at the University of Burgundy in Dijon, France. We were able to choose our own electives and by the time I finallyContinue reading “Wine vs. French Grammar”